Welcome to the home of the European Naginata Assocation.

If you are unsure what naginata is, you may find this Outline of Naginata by Alex Bennett an interesting summary.

This site is new and much of it is still draft, so please bear with us pending completion.

The site is intended to provide information and support for three primary audiences:

  • National naginata associations who are members of the ENF
    The site contains material such as ENF Board minutes, the ENF Constitution, grading requirements, etc.
  • Sensei, coaches and administrators running naginata clubs
    The site contains advice on coaching, club management, publicity, seminar, taikai and grading dates, etc.}
  • Those who would like to learn naginata
    Naginata practice is not yet available in every country across Europe, but it is growing. We offer some advice on where to find a club or teacher, how to start your own club, dates for international events you can attend etc. We also maintain a register of interst to put potential students in touch with others in their own country. We do not suggest that you ‘teach yourself’ or offer materials to support this, but there is some technical information on the site about naginata practice for your information. If you are a student looking to start naginata and you have a national organisation, you can find their contact details by clicking the links in the right hand column.

We hope you find this site relevant and interesting.